Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thank you Daniel, . If you havent already heard Daniel's story of grace please visit his blog, or scroll down to a previous post of ours which can be found here

Daniel will be speaking again at next months meeting of ProLifePartners!  Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Just thought I'd throw out some numbers today.

1st: 848,000 - This number represents the total number of Americans killed in combat from the War on Terror all the way back to the American Revolution (1775-2012)
2nd: 5,162,000 - This number represents the total number of Jews killed in the Holocaust (1933-1945)
3rd: 1,218,000 - This number represents the total number of Americans killed in abortion in 2011 alone. Less than 3% of which are due to mortality risks to the life of the mother.

Just food for thought.

*numbers from Guttmacher Institute

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ProLife Feminism

Women deserve better!

Ana Benderas of Live Action addresses those who are personally against abortion but believe that others should be able to take the life on unborn children.

Every female deserves a chance and a voice, even the unborn ones! Just imagine how many activists for feminism were lost because of abortions. Incredible fighters and soldiers for our mission are being killed everyday before they even have a voice. Listen to the voice inside you, listen to the voices of the millions of children who didn't get a voice.

NOW is the time!