Monday, October 8, 2012

Treehuggers to PROLIFERS!

If living babies were trees would we be as concerned about their massacre as we are about nature? Just like nature, unborn babies also have no voice. We become their voice. We are their voice, weather you like it or not. Weather you are prolife or not. We are the voice of this silent generation. We need to understand this in every action we take every day. Everything we do is for the future generations.

However what if we are killing off the next generation? If we save the oceans, and the trees, and the animals who will be there to enjoy them if we kill of the next generation? If you are concerned about not having nature to share with your kids in the future, shouldn't you also be concerned about not having kids to share that nature with?

It's time to stop the senseless killing of the next generation. It's time to get off that fence and stand up for the voiceless. It's time to proclaim yourself PROLIFE!

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